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APPBNDIX D                                   165

of the said voyage by perils of the sea as aforesaid
be lost or so much damaged as that it cannot be
carried to its said destination, then if any part
thereof shall be saved the above security, so far
as regards the property saved, shall remain in
force, and the said lender or his assigns shall be
at liberty forthwith to enforce the same against
such property: PROVIDED ALSO, and the said loan
is made upon the express condition, that the said
lender does not accept or take upon himself any
risk or liability on the said voyage except such as
is hereby expressly mentioned and shall not be
liable to contribute to or make good any general
or particular average loss or expenditure or other
charges of a like nature which may happen to or
be sustained by or incurred in respect of the said
cargo or the said ship upon the said voyage in
consequence of perils of the sea or otherwise.
Signed, sealed and delivered by the said
in the presence of